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Single Hop: Admiral pump clip


English Single Hop Pale Ale

Admiral has excellent high flavour notes which are orangey, citrus and herbal. Released in 1996 by Horticulture Research International (HRI) at Wye College in the UK and derived from Northdown and Challenger breeding lines.

Aroma and flavours are citrus fruit, particularly orange, but also grapefruit and a light herbal note.

Single hop listing

Adventurous Englishman invites you aboard to sample his sea of citrus flavours. Let my herbal orange aroma whisk you away to sunset shores.

Style English Pale Ale
ABV 4.5%
IBU 35
Aroma Orange, Citrus
Taste Citrus Fruit, Herbal
Malt Pale Ale, Crystal
Hops UK: Admiral
Single Hop: Admiral pump clip
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