What are the Tap Room and Shop opening times?

When is Street Food available at the Tap Room?

How do we order a food and drinks in the Tap Room?

We are not a pub.  We are not a restaurant.  We are a Tap Room and Café and the food we serve is Street Food from vans.  The chefs serving the Street Food are some of the best around, many having either owned restaurants or trained in Michelin starred restaurants. It is not fast food. 

In order to best serve our customers, ordering for both drinks and street food is by our Westerham Brewery app or via our website

If you do not have a smartphone or simply prefer the human touch we are very happy to take a table order with our handheld menus.

We do not take payment in cash due to the security risks for our staff handling cash and the additional bank charges involved compared to card payments.

The bar is not large enough for us to accommodate people queuing at the bar, waiting to be served.  For this reason we do not offer bar service. Your food and drinks will come to you as soon they are ready and this allows us to give all our guests the best experience. This gives you time to relax with your friends and family while we serve you.

Are children allowed to visit the Tap Room?

The Brewery is firstly a working environment as well as an informal place to visit to enjoy a drink and something to eat. We want to welcome as many people as possible while preserving the right environment for our beer lovers to enjoy a peaceful pint or two as well as being a safe place for families. As such we have reviewed our policy for these events.

Over 16s after 6pm
Children under 16 are welcome up to 6pm.
Under 18s must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times
The car park and the stream are not play areas and present a danger to unsupervised children of all ages. For the safety of your children and the comfort of other patrons, please keep your children with you at all times.

No bicycles, ball games, scooters or other toys of any kind are permitted on the premises. Bicycles should be parked at the fence by the footpath into the Brewery and not on the terrace. 

Do you allow dogs to be brought to the Tap Room ?

Dogs are welcome in our Tap Room and on our terrace and can be provided with water. Dog owners are asked to keep their pets under control at all times, keeping them on a lead if necessary. For hygiene reasons we are unfortunately unable to accommodate animals within the Brewery itself or on one of our brewery tours.

If your pooch is disturbing other customers we ask that you take them outside.

Can I collect Minipins (18 Pints) and firkins (72 Pints) direct from the Shop?

Minipins and Firkin barrels can be collected direct from our shop however they must be ordered at least 36 hours in advance as they cannot be prepared while you wait.

Products are subject to availability.

There is a £100 deposit for each firkin order to cover the cask, stillage, rubber mallet and serving tap supplied to serve the beer.

Please visit the Online Shop to place your order.

How long does your "ready to drink" brewery fresh beer last?

We usually have up to 3 beers as Brewery Fresh Beer served straight from our 1000L tanks. 9 pint Minicasks of Brewery Fresh Beer will keep up to 4 weeks if stored at 10-15ºC unopened but should be consumed within 5-7 days once opened.

18 Pint Minipins are available to pre-order and should be consumed within 5-7 days. No need to settle – just set up and serve.

For full details click here.

How do you make your beers gluten free?

Please click here for information about how we make our beers gluten free.