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Gluten Free Beer Certificates

Using a proprietary method we have been able to reduce the gluten content of many of our bottled beers to less than the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius determined level of 20ppm or less of gluten. 
Real Beer – No Gluten
To find out how we make real beer gluten free click here

The following batches of beer have been certified as gluten free:

Audit Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-AUDIT-ALE G0340 BBE 06.20

Certificate-of-Analysis-AUDIT ALE G0400 BBE 12.20

Bohemian Rhapsody
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0320 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0331
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0343 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0377 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0377
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0383 BBE 05.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0388
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0402
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0416
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0424
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0430 BBE 07.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0435
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0470 BBE 10.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0475
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0480

British Bulldog
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0217 BBE 12.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0245 BBE 02.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0291 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0334 BBE 07.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0366 BBE 10.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0443 BBE 02.21
Certificate-of-Analysis_BRITISH BULLDOG G0485 BBE 04.21

Double Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0231 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0373 BBE 10.20

Dragon’s Shadow
Certificate-of-Analysis-DRAGON G0381 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-DRAGONS SHADOW G0395 KEG

Fortnum & Mason English Red Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-F&M English Red Ale G0429 BBE 07.20

Certificate-of-Analysis-GODSWALLOP G0466 BBE 09.20

Gold Rush APA
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0292 BBE 10.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0332
Certificate-of-Analysis-APA G0382

Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0316 BBE 12.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0375 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0404 BBE 06.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0456 BBE 09.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0488 BBE 10.20

Hop Rocket
Certificate-of-Analysis-HOP ROCKET G0448

Helles Belles
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0323
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0341 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0363 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0363
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0367 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0397 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0405
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0409
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0415
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0434 BBE 08.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0444 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0446 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0463
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0468
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0489

Jake’s Saffron Lager
Certificate-of-Analysis-JAKES SAFFRON LAGER G0228 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-JAKES SAFFRON LAGER G0278 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis JAKES SAFFRON LAGER G0386

Kuwa Lager
Certificate-of-Analysis-KUWA LAGER G0360 BOTTLE BBE 03.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-KUWA LAGER G0418 BBE 07.20

National Trust Kentish Pale Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-KENTISH PALE ALE G0441 BBE 08.20

Certificate-of-Analysis-OKTOBERWEST G0433 BBE 08.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-OKTOBERWEST G0458

Spirit of Kent
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0333 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0371 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0372 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0421 BBE 07.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0441 BBE 08.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0454 BBE 09.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0455 BBE 09.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0487 BBE 10.20

F&M Triple Chocolate Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-Triple Chocolate Stout G0379 BBE 04.20

Wally Winker’s Death by Chocolate
Certificate-of-Analysis-Wally Winker’s TCS G0342 BBE 02.20

Viceroy India Pale Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0232 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0270 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0298 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0348 BBE 08.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0370 BBE 10.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0401 BBE 12.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0447 BBE 02.21