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Gluten Free Beer Certificates

Using a proprietary method we have been able to reduce the gluten content of many of our bottled beers to less than the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius determined level of 20ppm or less of gluten. 
Real Beer – No Gluten
To find out how we make real beer gluten free click here

The following batches of bottled beer have been certified as gluten free:

Audit Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-AUDIT ALE G0113 BBE 05.19

Bohemian Rhapsody
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0073 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0106 BBE 11.18
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0133 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0154 BBE 02.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0184 BBE 05.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0190 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0211 BBE 06.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0239 BBE 09.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0255
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0288 BBE 10.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0294 KEG

British Bulldog
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0071 BBE 02.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0120 BBE 04.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0148 BBE 07.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0217 BBE 12.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0245 BBE 02.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0291 BBE 04.20

Double Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G2304 BBE 03.18
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0016 BBE 11.18
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0117 BBE 05.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0231 BBE 01.20

Freedom Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-FREEDOM G0081 BBE 03.19

Certificate-of-Analysis GODSWALLOP G0279 BBE 10.19

Gold Rush APA
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0111 BBE 11.18
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0192 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0224 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0253 BBE 08.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GOLD RUSH APA G0292 BBE 10.19

Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0160 BBE 03.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0212 BBE 06.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0240 BBE 08.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0316 BBE 12.19

Helles Belles
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0200 BBE 06.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0219
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0227 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0241 KEG
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0258 BBE 09.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0296

Spirit of Kent
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0159 BBE 03.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0207 BBE 06.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0229 BBE 07.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0250 BBE 08.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0284 BBE 10.19

Scotney Pale Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-SCOTNEY PALE G0103 BBE 10.18

Scotney Bitter
Certificate-of-Analysis-SCOTNEY BITTER G0104 BBE 10.18

Viceroy India Pale Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY G0180 BBE 09.19
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY G0232 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0270 BBE 04.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0298 BBE 04.20

Jake’s Saffron Lager
Certificate-of-Analysis-JAKES SAFFRON LAGER G0228 BBE 01.20
Certificate-of-Analysis-JAKES SAFFRON LAGER G0278 BBE 04.20