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Gluten Free Beer Certificates

Using a proprietary method we have been able to reduce the gluten content of many of our bottled beers to less than the WHO’s Codex Alimentarius determined level of 20ppm or less of gluten. 
Real Beer – No Gluten
To find out how we make real beer gluten free click here

The following batches of beer have been certified as gluten free:

1965 Special Bitter Ale

Audit Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-AUDIT ALE G0502 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-AUDIT ALE G0556 BBE 11.21

Bohemian Rhapsody
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0501
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0547 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0550
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0578 BBE 07.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0598 BBE 08.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0604
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0615
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0625 BBE 11.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY G0635

British Bulldog
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0443 BBE 02.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0485 BBE 04.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0506 BBE 06.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0537 BBE 09.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0555 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0577 BBE 06.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0603 BBE 08.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-BRITISH BULLDOG G0630 BBE 11.21

Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Certificate-of-Analysis-CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE G0619 BBE 10.21

Double Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0535 BBE 09.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0571 BBE 12.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-DOUBLE STOUT G0631BBE 11.21

Fortnum & Mason English Red Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-F&M English Red Ale G0597 BBE 08.21

Fortnum & Mason Triple Chocolate Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-F&M TRIPLE CHOCOLATE STOUT G0614 BBE 09.21

Certificate-of-Analysis-GODSWALLOP G0613 BBE 09.21

Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0539 BBE 03.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0553 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-GRASSHOPPER G0570 BBE 06.21

Hana Imperial Pilsner
Certificate-of-Analysis-HANA G0548 BBE 05.21

Hop Rocket
Certificate-of-Analysis-HOP ROCKET G0559 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-HOP ROCKET G0579
Certificate-of-Analysis-HOP ROCKET G0608 BBE 09.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-HOP ROCKET G0611

Helles Belles
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0538 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0540
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0572 BBE 06.21
Certificate-of-Analysis HELLES BELLES G0581
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0600
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0605
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0612
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0632
Certificate-of-Analysis-HELLES BELLES G0636

Kuwa Lager
Certificate-of-Analysis-KUWA LAGER G0517 BBE 02.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-KUWA LAGER G0627 BBE 11.21

Nitro Stout
Certificate-of-Analysis-NITRO STOUT G0606

Spirit of Kent
Certificate-of-Analysis SPIRIT OF KENT G0545 BBE 04.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0554 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0557 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0574 BBE 06.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-SPIRIT OF KENT G0620 BBE 10.21

Summer Perle
Certificate-of-Analysis-SUMMER PERLE G0544 BBE 04.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-SUMMER PERLE G0602 BBE 08.21

Wally Winker’s Death by Chocolate

Viceroy India Pale Ale
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0447 BBE 02.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0498 BBE 05.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0532 BBE 09.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0552 BBE 10.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0569 BBE 06.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0580 BBE 07.21
Certificate-of-Analysis-VICEROY IPA G0592 BBE 07.21
Certificate-of-Analysis_VICEROY IPA G0641 BBE11.21