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Available from 1 November 2021

In 1872, Hiram Codd patented a glass soft drink bottle that was filled with carbonated liquid. That liquid pushed a glass marble into the neck of the bottle, up against a rubber ring which then sealed the bottle. The “Codd” design is used to this day, in the Khandelwal glass works in India, and for bottling Ramune drinks in Japan*.

Wallop is an old English slang term for beer. It is said that Codd’s Wallop was used by beer drinkers as a derogatory name for weak or tasteless beer, or for soft drinks in general. This in time coined the word Codswallop**.

We set out, in 2005, to make a winter beer that was neither weak nor tasteless and named it Godswallop. Brewed with a blend of pale ale, aromatic and crystal malts, and six Kent hops, this is a rich, malty deep red ale for enjoying by a roaring fire***.

* this is completely true
** despite what you read in Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable this is almost certainly codswallop
*** we think this is true. Let us know what you think

Style Old Ale
ABV 4%
IBU 30
Aroma Fruity, Malty, Floral
Taste Biscuit Malt, Smooth, Lingering Hop Finish
Malt Pale Ale, Double Roasted Crystal, Aromatic, Caragold, Chocolate
Hops Northdown, Target, Goldings, Bramling Cross, WGV, Challenger
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