Product Handling

Storage & Best Before Information

Small Pack Type Storage Best Before
(unopened and chilled)
Once Opened (chilled)
CansChilled (<10°C)See base of canDrink immediately
MinicasksCool (10-15°C)28 days from purchase
5 days
MinipinsCool & Dry (10-15°C)7 days from purchase
2-3 days
Pins, Firkins & KegsCool (10-15°C)7 days from purchase
2-3 days

Handling & Serving Instructions


Our beers should be served chilled - less than 10°C.  Warm beer in cans (>10°C) will likely fob or foam over leading to a loss of beer.  A gentle tap to the top of the can before opening the ring-pull also helps reduce fobbing.



Cask Beer

Keg Beer