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It Means Nothing to Me

Vienna Lager

Ahh the 80’s.  A decade of great music, great films and terrible hair cuts.  It was a defining era in many ways but not for beer.

One such moment came 140 years earlier when Anton Dreher and his friend Gabriel Sedlmayr travelled to Victorian Great Britain on a voyage of industrial espionage.  They were intent on discovering the secrets of British brewing, and went as far as stealing beer sampes to take back to their breweries in Europe.  In 1841, Vienna Lager was born.

‘It Means Nothing To Me’ is brewed with Hana Vienna malt, a heritage variety of barley grown in the 19th century.  Using the same Zatec hops chosen by Dreher for his new lager we have revived this malty Vienna lager as our tribute to the City of Spies, Vienna.

Aroma Malty, Rich, Lemon
Taste Smooth, Sweet, Malty
ABV 0.0%
Malt Hana Vienna Malt, Dextrin Malt
Hops Czech Zatec and German Hallertau Perle

Enjoy at home

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