Westerham Brewery Company’s first 10 barrels of their flagship real ale “British Bulldog” sold out in seven days. The response to the new brewery has been tremendous with several beer festivals, steam rallies and country fares taking the beers over the last four weeks. Pubs and clubs in Kent, Surrey and Sussex have ordered the beers with one local pub re-ordering 5 times in two weeks.

Demand for the Black Eagle Special Pale Ale has also outstripped supply such that the second batch had to be brewed on Saturday 25 June, just two weeks after the first casks started rolling out.

Seven new brewing vessels arrived last week from Canada and have now been installed in the purpose built fermentation room and cold conditioning room to increase capacity.

A recent visit by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) members to one free house resulted in the cask of Black Eagle Special Pale Ale being consumed in less than 2 hours.