The Westerham Brewery Company is delighted to introduce its exciting new, seasonal beer

This excellent ale is named after one of Westerham’s famous residents, James Wolfe. Born in Westerham in 1727, Wolfe spent his childhood at Quebec House (then known as Spiers). In 1741, at the age of fourteen, he was commissioned into his father’s regiment of Marines and spent the rest of his life as an army officer.

The last month of Wolfe’s life is part of British history. In 1759, at the age of 32 and with the rank of major general, Wolfe was ordered by William Pitt to command a force to be sent against the French at Quebec in Canada. The battle that followed effectively decided the future of North America. Wolfe died at the moment of victory and instantly became a national hero.

His triumphant victory and poignant death were commemorated in statues and songs, paintings and prints, many of which have now found their way to Quebec House in Westerham, which is now owned and run by The National Trust. The main features of this charming house appear much the same today as when the Wolfe family lived there.

“In days of yore,
From Britain’s shore
Wolfe the dauntless hero came
And planted firm Britannia’s flag
On Canada’s fair domain”
(Excerpt from ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ – Canada’s Old National Anthem)

On Saturday 25th September, Quebec House will host a special ‘Open Day’, with free timed entry to the house available by ticket, from the Coffee House in Westerham. On this occasion The Westerham Brewery Co. is delighted to offer free tastings of their new seasonal beer, ‘General Wolfe “1759” Maple Ale’ in the gardens at Quebec House.

The Brewery enjoys several links with Canada; our fermenters come from British Columbia, Canada, as does our head brewer, Anthony Richardson! Our recipe for this seasonal ale includes Crystal Malt for a rich autumnal colour and ‘Bramling Cross’ hops which are a cross between English hops and a Manitoban wild hop from Canada. Our autumn ale stands out from the crowd thanks to the addition of a special ingredient; Canadian maple syrup.

For more information please contact Robert Wicks at the brewery on 01959 565837. Available from pubs and clubs in Kent, Sussex and Surrey from Monday 27th September