The Westerham Brewery Company is delighted to introduce its new dark session bitter

Our new session bitter, Grasshopper, is named after the family crest of the Gresham family who have had a long association with the Westerham, Tatsfield & Titsey Estate area. The Green in Westerham is home to The Grasshopper on the Green, a wonderful three bar local pub, which was recently featured on Sky television for its food. You can enjoy a pint of Westerham Brewery’s beer in the Grasshopper on the Green – it may even be a pint of Grasshopper Kentish Bitter!

In 1534 John Gresham bought the Titsey Estate, one of the largest surviving historic estates in Surrey. John Gresham went on to build a mercantile centre in the City of London. In 1571 Queen Elizabeth I visited the new bourse and declared that henceforth it would be known as the Royal Exchange. The weathervane on the building features a Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Kentish Bitter is a dark session bitter bursting with malt flavours from the Crystal Malt we add. In addition, a small quantity of Chocolate Malt adds both colour and a nutty, roasted flavour to the beer. The beer will be hopped with Kent Target hops from the National Trust’s Scotney Castle hop farm and East Kent Goldings. These local hops balance the malt flavours for a flavoursome, satisfying pint.

The Westerham Brewery is also located on the National Trust’s Grange Farm in Crockham Hill, just behind Westerham. The brewery is committed to using the best ingredients and using Ian Strang’s Kent Target hops we hope to support hop farming in Kent, which is under considerable threat. Other beers using Ian’s hops will feature in the future.

For more information please contact Robert Wicks at the brewery on 01959 565837. Available from pubs and clubs in Kent, Sussex and Surrey from Monday 15th November