We have launched a new session beer, Finchcocks Original, using hops from the Finchcocks hop garden in Goudhurst, Kent. Bill Calcutt is a fourth generation hop grower who has recently bucked the trend of closing hop gardens. He has tied up with Ian Ibbotson of Lupofresh in Yalding, Kent to replant Finchcocks with the wonderful aroma hops that real breweries like Westerham demand. Bill’s top quality WGV and Early Choice hops give a wonderful citrusy and earthy tang to this fully flavoured beer. The strength and bitterness of this beer is the closest we have to a mild, though history shows many Kent milds in the past were anything but mild by Northern standards!

It is described by Adrian Tierney-Jones, author of the Big Book of Beer as follows: Mid-gold session beer with hints of the Burton snatch on the nose (think struck matches), while wisps of citrus fruit float around in the background. The palate sings with citrus notes, a hint of resiny hoppiness as well as a crunchy biscuitiness that comes from the malt. The finish boasts more bitterness before a fade-out of grain dryness that reminds the drinker of the beer’s grainy origins. A powerfully flavoursome beer for such a low abv.

We are delighted to be able to supply this beer due to very strong demand from our publicans for a lower strength beer with flavour. Available from the brewery in small packs too.