Episode 8 of Oz & James’ driving adventure takes them to Westerham to meet up with Robert Wicks. For the final programme in the series, Oz Clarke and James May return to the Southeast to investigate the future of British drink. Is this where they will find the drink which speaks for modern Britain?

Oz, James and Robert drove in the Rolls Royce Corniche to Scotney Castle to meet Ian Strang. They looked at the hops and learnt lots of “Beer Facts” and “Hop Facts” before finally tasting the Westerham Brewery beers. One to watch! The book of the series is also available now, featuring the brewery and hop garden. What did James May think of the British Bulldog? “That’s a fighting beer, isn’t it! Malty n’ hoppy. That just tastes like a nice, strong, manly beer. It’s a good beer. Can I have some more please, sir? That’s a right good pint; it’s a proper beer, it’s honest, it’s a pint”