On the second day of the 2015 hop picking season, Friday 28th August, celebrated beer and travel writer Pete Brown and Robert Wicks visited the Scotney Castle Hop Garden to pull, pick and dry hops.  Here is a photo galley of our visit.



Scotney Castle oast house   Traditional oasts or hop kilns    The Scotney hop garden



 The hop pulling trailer        Picking hops in the garden  Pete handles an armfull of hops


Goldings hops in              Pulled hops on the way to        Hooking on Hops
 the hop garden                  the picking machine

Leaves and waste discharge    A poke of Scotney            WGV hops
from the picking machine            green hops


A row of WGV        A kiln full of dried hops          A pressed bale of Goldings ready for  
hops                        cooling down                      sewing up   



Traditional tar            Cones from our new            Inside our new experimental hop  burner                        experimental hop