It is a pleasure to be featured in this new trade magazine, further establishing Westerham Brewery as a supplier of award-winning beers for the gluten-free and vegan communities (as well as others). As one of the first breweries in the country to provide such a vast gluten free and vegan friendly offering, we are proud to be able to support those communities and provide them with delicious beer where so many others fall short. The gluten free community makes up about 13% of the population, with the vegan community making up 7%. However, those who are gluten free (either by choice or medical conditions) are often overlooked when it comes to beer offerings.

Here at Westerham Brewery we were one of the first breweries in the country to use a revolutionary new technology to break up the gluten chains in our beer, without affecting the flavour. We believe that going gluten free should not mean having to give up good beer, and therefore provide a wide-range of styles to suit any taste. All of the bottled, canned, and keg beer produced by Westerham Brewery is gluten free and vegan friendly. And if you are a coeliac (or just curious) you can check the lab test certificate for your specific batch of beer by clicking here.

You can read the full magazine by clicking here (Westerham Brewery is on pages 36-37).