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Spirit of Kent

Spirit of Kent celebrates the Kent Spitfire, a Mark IX Spitfire housed at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. It also recalls the “XXX Modification Depth Charges” that flew out of Biggin Hill in June 1944 filled with Westerham Ales. The “XXX Joy Juice” was racked into the unused auxiliary fuel tanks and flown over to the forward airbases in France – click here for more details.

This golden ale is hopped with 9 different types of Kent bred hops in a total of 9 separate additions. That really is the Spirit of Kent – a beer with probably the most types of hops on the planet….?

To see the Kent Spitfire in action click here.

Tasting notes by Adrian Tierney-Jones, author of the Big Book of Beer: “There was a distinct swing of the compass about the nose, as it touched all points citrus sweetness (mandarin), earthiness and pungent hop sack. The palate carried a refrain of similar mandarin sweetness (orange jelly for adults), a muscular earthiness (think big Burgundies), a slight note of almond and a dry bitter finish. A Spitfire garnishes the pump clip and I can think of no better analogy for this beer than the purring beauty of that aircraft’s Merlin engine when in full flight.”

“This is the most varieties of hops that we have ever tried in one beer, and I think probably the most British hops ever used by any other brewer on the planet!” – John Keeling, Fullers Head Brewer about their Brit Hop beer with only eight British hops

Aroma Hoppy, Lemon, Citrus
Taste Smooth, Sweet, Malty
ABV 4%
Malt Pale Ale, Caramalt
Hops Target, Goldings, Pilgrim, Sovereign, Progress, First Gold, WGV, Bramling Cross, Finchcocks' Hop X

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