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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Wally Winker’s

Death By Chocolate

Packed with rich natural chocolate flavours, our Triple Chocolate Stout is inspired by:

The Inspector Constable murder mystery story by Roger Keevil, where the detective finds himself in a sticky situation at Wally Winker’s Chocolate Factory. The boss has flaked out! Can our hero make a selection from the assortment of clues? Will he milk the situation until the facts are plain? And can he finally point the chocolate finger?
For more about the Inspector Constable Murder Mysteries, go to www.rogerkeevil.co.uk
We brewed this beer with chocolate malt, roasted cacao nibs, chocolate essence and vanilla essence.  The rich and enticing chocolate aroma begs you to dive into the glass and drown in this luscious triple chocolate fantasy…..just like Wally Winker did.